The compact solution that also satisfies sophisticated requirements
The 903 model is notable for their compactness, ease of use, and astonishing grinding capacity.

Special feature
Precision grinding discs made of high quality material that is extremely wear resistant. The original discs can be re-sharpened up to 2-3 times with proper care and maintenance.

Areas of application
Coffee Shops

Opt for the 903 with automatic bag holder which ensures optimal bag filling.

Laboratories / Roasters
To successfully accomplish particularly demanding grinding jobs we recommend the KF or KFA 903



מפרט טכני

220-240V / 50Hz / 1

Motor power 0.75 kW
Average grinding capacity 700 g/min
Hopper capacity 500 g
Grinding disc diameter Ø 90 mm
Net weight 25 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h), mm 210 x 295 x 540
Standard colour braun
Available versions KF, KFA
Hopper magnet •
Automatic bag holding device only KFA
Manual bag holding device
only KF
Bag shaker

Cooling fan •
Slide cut-off •
1 kg hopper •
Special colours •
Other electric specifications available on request